Maintaining homeless Mastiffs is an expensive proposition. Since Mastiffs are classified as a giant breed, most of the normal expenses associated with caring for a dog are great due to the sheer size of the animal. For example, medications must be issued in great strengths, food and supplements are consumed in larger quantities and at greater rates, surgical costs can total into the thousands of dollars and containment systems are larger and more costly, all due to the size of this breed of dog. Dovetailing with the above is the increased popularity of this breed with the public. Annually, hundreds of families obtain this kind of dog with little or no knowledge of the breed, the costs involved in maintaining such an animal or in the proper care and training that are necessary to successfully keep a Mastiff. The result is an alarming increase in the number of Mastiffs which are mistreated, neglected, abused and/or abandoned by their owners.


  1. To provide information to owners and potential owners so that they can better care for their Mastiff, thereby preventing potential mistreatment, abuse or re-homing situations.
  2. To provide supplies, services and financial assistance for the Mastiffs which have been relinquished or abandoned by their owners.

Our organization shall solicit for cash and non-cash donations for the items necessary in the care of the Mastiffs in need (including, but not limited to food, nutritional supplements, toys, bedding, leashes, collars and medications), distribute these supplies and subsidize veterinary expenses incurred by these homeless Mastiffs. By undertaking these two endeavors, Friends of Rescued Mastiffs, Inc. can actively decrease the number of homeless Mastiffs and provide the necessary supplies, services and funds needed to care for the dogs who need to find new, loving homes.